October's Promise by Marianne Garver
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October's Promise, A Lesbian Romance Novel by Marianne Garver 2010 Golden Crown Literary Society Winner!

From the Publisher: 

Bella Books proudly presents this refreshing, new voice in lesbian romance! Marianne Garver's charming first novel features an unforgettable Cupid in a setting readers will wish they could find on a map.

From the back cover:

"Just because parts of her life are unsatisfactory and dull, there's no reason for Libby Jackson to bolt for New Hampshire, even if she did just receive a large inheritance from a mysterious source. But she does just that. The urban comforts of New York quickly seem light years away when her journey is hampered by cars that won't start, locks that won't turn and a strange dog that has decided that Libby would be the perfect owner.

Quinn Barnett is in no mood for damsels in distress. Her reasons for partaking of New England's fall colors are deeply personal and painful. She's promised to do one thing on this trip, and falling in love isn't it. Once her mission is accomplished she's moving on—if only she can start some cars, unlock some doors and get that bothersome stray to leave her alone.

The golden shores of a beautiful New England lake and the glory of October's sunsets should create the perfect stage for falling in love, that is, unless two stubborn women decide to keep the wrong promises."

October's Promise is the first novel from Garver, and she is a wonderful addition to Bella Books. The lush New England surroundings become a character unto itself and the reader can imagine each tree and leaf as it changes color. Intriguing characters and homespun setting make a lovely cozy read. - Cecelia Martin, Lambda Book Report, Spring 2009
Marianne created a fully realized fictional town and painted the landscape with vivid strokes. Her main characters were women we could know, but not the least bit ordinary, and she invented a charming Cupid to bring her characters together. - Karin Kallmaker

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